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Venticap Storage Cabinet Filtration System

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Removes Vapours

The venticap™ 502 effectively removes vapours via filtration. Odours & Smells are removed.
Based on the patented Captair molecular filtration system (currently used in laboratories around the world), odours and smells are completely and safely removed from the cabinet and the clean air returned to the room.

Easy to Set Up

Easy setup. Locate and install the venticap™ 502 on the roof of the cabinet. Connect the flexible piping between the exhaust vent of the cabinet and the venticap™ 502 inlet. Install filters. Plug in power socket and switch on fan. Unplug the vent at the bottom of the cabinet to provide an even air flow through the cabinet. Your venticap™ 502 is now ready to remove your unwanted vapours

Fits to most of the flammable storage cabinets available on the market.

  • It has a Universal fit. Also more inhalation of the toxic chemicals when opening the cabinet.
  • 24 hour air cleaning function. Permanent cleaning of the air of the room at a rate of 75 m3sup>/h.
  • Cost saving. Building heating and cooling air is recycled, not removed from the room, thus saving on energy bills and reducing greenhouse gases.
  • Safe. Filtration efficiency according to the NFX 15 - 211, class 2 (not more than 50% of the TLV - Threshold Limit Value, of the chemicals shall be recirculated in the room).
  • Maintain proper storage cabinet ventilation ensuring the safety of staff