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Ultrasound Probe Disinfection made easy

Reasons you should use Antigermix- Ultrasound Probe Disinfection

No Consumables     Safety    

Fully Automated    

The high level ultrasound probe disinfecton process is achieved using UV-C light not chemicals, the only consumable is a traceability label which is provided for each process.

No harmful chemicals are required for system operation which ensures operator and patient safety. No handling issues, no residue, just a fully disinfected probe when needed.

The high level ultrasound probe disinfection process is fully automated removing the chance of human error, the Antigermix system will only produce a complaint label if the process is completed successfully.

The new method in Ultrasound Probe Disinfection

  1. Fast- Antigermix Ultrasound probe disinfection can be performed in 90 seconds.

  2. Reliability- The ultrasound disinfection process is validated by an accurate measurement of the dose received by the  probe. At the end of the cycle, the system signals the status of the disinfection on the control panel and on the various  traceability reports.

  3. Simplicity- No specific electrical configuration is required for the Ultrasound disinfection to occur. A simple connection to  a power supply is feasible.

 4. Traceability- The Ultrasound disinfection system provides proof of disinfection and associated data to ensure complete  traceability.


The Ultrasound Disinfection system provides proof of disinfection and associated data to ensure complete traceability.

Thanks to the AS1's patented UV-C disinfection system you can say goodbye to expensive running costs. You'll be amazed at the long term savings possible for ultrasound probe disinfection, when compared to traditional methods such as chemical soak, spray or wipe systems.

The Antigermix AS-1 offers the fastest ultrasound probe disinfection time available in Australia. Using advanced UV-C disinfection technology the vast majority of ultrasonic probes on the market can be disinfected in just 90 seconds! Small Probes can even be disinfected in the procedure room minimising turnaround time and removing the potential for damage in transit. For high level probe disinfection of trans-vaginal, trans rectal and trus probes.