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Customer Testimonials

Gallay has over 1,000 satisfied companies across New Zealand & Australia. Below are just a few examples of recent feedback we've received, if you'd like to speak to a reference site please let us know.


"We all appreciated your prompt and efficient service to keep our Belimed washer operational and validated till we move into the new CSU 2014. The validation appeared to have little impact on our elective work load which is always of concern for  us as we only have 1 decontamination washer. We excitedly await our move in 2014 into our new CSU with new Belimed Decontamination Washers and autoclaves."

- CSU Manager

"The change over to Soluscope has been seamless; Gallay went quite out of its way to assist us with the transition. We had great backup from the company as far as inservicing and Gallay staff were onsite regularly to assist our staff. The professionalism has been quite good and we would recommend both Gallay and Soluscope to any hospital. From a managers point of view the staff engagement is wonderful, the product saves me time and it saves my employees time which can be better spent elsewhere.”

- Nurse Unit Manager

"We’ve found Gallay to be fantastic as far as providing service and assistance when we need them fast. We would recommend Gallay & Soluscope to any hospital looking to upgrade their endoscope reprocessor. Soluscope gave us the ability to fast-track our processes and potentially get more patients through each list, so it has been very cost effective. On top of that we now have the assurance that the scopes are being cleaned appropriately and to the highest Infection Control standards."

- Assistant Nurse Unit Manager

“We’ve been happy Soluscope customers for approximately ten years now. Gallay has always provided excellent customer service, whether it’s the technicians to the management to the reps, service is always with a smile no matter what time of day we call. Gallay has been wonderful in the process of our upgrades and we love the new machines.”

- Nurse Team Leader

"The staff at Gallay are a big reason for me recommending Gallay, you always get back to me and your service levels have been really good. After the upgrade I have a comparison, I can see one company against another and you’re out on top!"

- Manager Of SSD & Endoscopy