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Suppository Applicators




Clean and hygienic

Can be administered in any position

Comfortable placement of the suppository

Eliminates need for protective undergarments

Immediately resume daily activities

Easy to self administer

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The Creation of Sephure Suppository Applicators

The Sephure Suppository Applicator was founded by Crohn's patient and IBS sufferer, Jennifer Davagian Ensign. Following her desire to take charge of daily life, Jennifer created the disposable suppository applicator. With quick, comfortable and hygeinic administration, Sephure Applicators offer dramatic improvement to patients, like Jennifer, wanting a better option.

How the Suppository Applicator can improve your situation

The suppository applicator can be used in any comfortable position, in less than 5 seconds. Sephure properly places the suppository within the body. The patient does not face the struggle of keeping the medicine in the body, nor do they feel it.