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Sterilisation Indicators & Autoclave Test Strips

Consistent, Reliable Sterilisation Monitoring Products

Excelsior Scientific Sterilisation Indicators & Autoclave test strips are used by a wide range of customers across the scientific, pharmaceutical and medical industries worldwide. All products comply with ISO 13485 and meet both international and Australian standards.

Sterilisation Monitoring Product

Sterilisation Type

Indicator Type 

Monitoring Process 

Bowie & Dick Tests


Colour change (blue to pink)

134°C - 3.5 minutes

Spore Ampoules

Steam Turbidity/ colour change Ideal for Liquid sterilisation cycle

Self Contained Biological Indicators

Steam in spore population levels Turbidity/ colour change 24-48 hours min. incubation period range

Autoclave test strips

Steam Colour change (dependent on Indicator Class) 134°C - 3.5 minutes

Autoclave tape

Steam Colour change (green to orange) -

Steam Chemical Process Indicators

Steam Chemical Colour change (blue to pink) 121°C - 3 minutes 134°C - 2 minutes


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Premium quality sterilisation indicators, autoclave test strips & challenge devices supplied from our warehouse across New Zealand. These products are used to:

  • Validate the effectiveness of the sterilisation process
  • Monitor and assure adequate sterilisation of products and instruments
  • Monitor every load
  • Distinguish processed from unprocessed goods