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Soluscope Sprint Pass Through Reprocessor

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Soluscope Sprint PT optimizes the Pass Through Experience

The Soluscope Sprint Pass Through (PT) allows for Dirty and Clean separation which is the globally recognised “best practice” for automatic endoscope reprocessing (AER). The dirty and clean separation reduces the risk of cross contamination and ensures that your scopes will be clean and ready for the next procedure. The Soluscope Sprint PT has been designed to ensure the highest level of hygiene, which offers day hospitals and theatres peace of mind in a time-effective cycle. The Soluscope Sprint Pass Through endoscope reprocessor is compatible with all leading market brands and models in flexible endoscopes.

Optimised for enhanced workflow

The new Pass Through provides a unique system during maintenance, as there remains a physical barrier between dirty and clean rooms which enhances the ability to control and prevent infections. This means that all of the maintenance for the Soluscope Sprint PT is carried out from the side of the unit which allows there to remain a physical barrier in between the clean and dirty rooms within the facility.

When replacing filters and chemicals and conducting general maintenance, this can be done from the reprocessing side of the machine.

With dedicated connectors that stay with the endoscope through all processes (Reprocessing, transport, drying and storage), this ensures minimal handling of the endoscope which results in a fully disinfected and sterilised scope.

Economic and Reliable with proven and tested chemistry

With soluscopes range of high quality chemistry, your Soluscope AER’s will operate efficiently and provide the best sterilisation for your scopes.