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Smeg GW4190 Laboratory Glassware Washer

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Ideal for handling different types of substances

The GW4190 Laboratory Glassware Washer offers a large undercounter style unit, operated on 1 or 2 washing levels to treat various types of laboratory glassware. Offering a large wash chamber the GW4190 washer is suitable for washing, thermic and chemical disinfecting. A newly updated Forced Air Drying System makes this model a truly high-quality rapid drying system. A energy-efficient hot air generator in combination with a powerful fan allows the drying system to be controlled by the programmer. This allows full control of operating times and temperature range. 

Built-in Storage Cabinet

An optional chemical storage cabinet allows you to neatly store away liquid detergents and chemicals for easy access when needed.  Smeg's comprehensive range of racks, baskets and accessories for washing glassware allows the operator you to use specific holders for particular types of glassware making the Smeg washer ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical laboratories.

Trust The Laboratory Washer Experts

Did you know that since the 1960s, Gallay has supplied more than 2,000 laboratory washers to labs all around Australia? The large number of these washers still delivering pristine glassware today stands as a testament to their reliability and longevity.

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