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Enzymatic Detergent test for Washer- Disinfectors

The Serim Pinnacle test monitors the efficacy of automated instrument washer- disinfectors which use enzymatic detergent. The device is made up of a dyed protein bound to the indicator pad. The colour of the protein will change based on quality of washing/ disinfection process. This incorporates factors including detergent concentration, enzyme activity, exposure time, wash cycle temperature and mechanical action.


Why use Enzymatic Detergent tests?

It is important for users of washer/ disinfector equipment to routinely monitor the cleaning and disinfection processes. This ensures the highest possible quality of standards relating to automated decontamination of medical instruments.

When do I use Washer- Disinfector Enzymatic Cleaning tests?

It is recommended that the automatic cleaning/ disinfection of medical devices should be tested upon installation as well as a weekly (preferably daily) routine during use and after major repairs.