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Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinet type Standards Approved Max. Capacity (litres) Height range (mm) Self-closing doors Fire tested Filtration
Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet AS 1940 350L 800-1760
Oxidising Agents Storage Cabinet

AS 4326

250L 800-1760
Plastic Corrosive Storage Cabinet AS 3780 250L 500-1760
Corrosive Safety Storage Cabinet AS 3780 250L 500-1760
Pesticide Storage Cabinet FM approval 800-1760 350L
Toxic Substance Storage Cabinet AS/ NZ 4452 800-1760 250L
Captair Shelf 812 Filtered Cabinet N/A 575 10L
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Which Safety Storage Cabinet best meets your needs?

Before purchasing, one must consider the items they intend on storing. PBA Safety offers a wide range of cabinets to address these needs. A corrosive storage cabinet, designed for chemicals such as Phenol, Nitric Acid differs to a plastic corrosive cabinet that deals with highly corrosive vapours. Similarly, highly flammable chemicals can indicate that a Flammable specific Storage Cabinet would be more suitable.

What to look for when purchasing a Hazardous Storage Cabinet?

Spillage- Under the AS 1940, the prevention of flammable liquids and spilt liquids from escaping in both indoor and outdoor environments is imperative when considering an appropriate Storage Cabinet. Inclusions of an additional tray that collects accidental spilling, is a key point to consider when purchasing a Hazardous Storage Cabinet. 

Amount of quantities kept- Under the AS 3780, there is a maximum amount of corrosive substances which can be kept in the Storage Cabinet. PBA offers a range of different sizes to adjust to the amount that it is intended to be stored.

Fire Tested and FM Approval

It is important for the Safety Storage Cabinet to have FM approval, as various chemicals and toxic substances have the potential to be fire hazardous. PBA cabinets come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty on any defects and workmanship, to ensure complete safety within the workplace.