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Ovens & Incubators

The increasing importance of Laboratory Ovens

Laboratory Ovens are designed to create an even and consistent temperature and maintain that specific temperature with a high degree of accuracy. They are commonly used in research and development laboratories for sample testing (including durability & stability testing). Our ovens have a working temperature range of ambient +5°C to 260°C continuous. Gallay NZ distributes laboratory ovens and incubators by Memmert.

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Gallay - Experts in Laboratory Incubators

Laboratory Culture Incubators are used to promote the growth of cell cultures in a scientific research environment. Gallay offers a wide variety of laboratory chambers including shelf-life determination chambers, laboratory drying ovens, CO2 cell culture incubators, environmental chambers and tissue & plant growth chambers. Environmental chambers have a working temperature range of -40°C to 100°C.

Memmert- Revolutionary Laboratory Ovens and Incubators

The Memmert Laboratory Oven and Incubator range has been manufactured by innovation leaders, who have developed their product line suitable for a range of applications in biological, pharmaceutical and quality testing. Each Laboratory Oven and Incubator is 100% AtmoSAFE, ensuring a controlled atmosphere in Memmert's temperature control appliances.