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Osmomat 050 Automatic Colloid Osmometer

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Osmomat 050 - Automatic Collid-Osmomter

The collid osmomster Osmomat 050 has been developed for use in the medical field for measurement of the oncotic, respectively colloid osmatic pressure (COP).

Ease of Use

Handling of the instrument is extremely simple, and the measuring sequence is fast and reliable

Ready for measurements over days and weeks

The design of the measuring cell and the use of microelctronicshave largely automated the main measuring and control functions of the Osmomat 050. By this means the instrument is ready of measurements for days and weeks. The measuring cell is rinsed automatically at intervals of approx. 1 hour.

Gonotec & Gallay: Over 30 Year Partnership

For over 30 years Gonotec and Gallay have had a strong partnership to give you the best Osmometers on the market.
Gonotec's commitment to an outstanding level of quality throughout their business has gained them wide spread respect from osmometer users and admiration from their competitors. Today, Gonotec Osmometers continue to embody the faultless craftsmanship and pride of manufacture for which German products are recognised around the world. Gallay Medical & Scientific P/L look forward to the next decade of partnership with Gonotec Osmometers.
The Gonotec Colloid Osmometer, model Osmomat 050, is designed for the determination of colloidal osmotic pressure. This system is especially useful for routine measurements in intensive care units