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27 February 2017

Updated Australian Guidelines for Reprocessing of Ultrasound Transducers

Gallay is delighted to announce that our new Antigermix UV light based probe disinfection systems are now officially recognized by industry groups ASUM & ACIPC.

In a Media Release published last Friday, the two groups announced the release of their joint ‘Guidelines for Reprocessing of Ultrasound Transducers’. The guidelines, which have been based on the standards of AS/NZS4187:2014 and AS/NZS4185:2006, provide recommendations on the cleaning and disinfection of all ultrasound transducers, as well as the use of ultrasound equipment during and after medical procedures. They detail the minimum standards of practice for reprocessing ultrasound transducers and reflect the available evidence based on best practice.

Under Section 7.2 “High Level Disinfection”, the guidelines specify “light-based” automated high-level disinfection systems as one of the approved disinfectant methods. The Antigermix AS1 is an innovative light based probe disinfection system which features the capability to provide full High Level Disinfection in just 90 seconds. 

In addition to its cycle speed, the Antigermix offers very low running costs and a fully documented electronic tracking system as standard. The AS1 model is designed for use with external, endovaginal and endorectal ultrasound probes whereas the AE1 model is designed for the disinfection of transoesophageal  echocardiography (TOE) probes.


To find out more about this new UV light-based probe disinfection technology, visit http://probe-disinfection.com.au/ today or call 0800 GALLAY (425 529) to speak with a specialist today.

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