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Meiko TopLine 30 Bedpan Washer

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Cleaning and disinfection appliance for flush wall installation with mounting frame.

The model for the bathroom attached to a private room. Featuring new and highly effective disinfection technology and easy to use electronic controls the Meiko Topline 30 is the perfect fit for your workplace.
Topline - MEIKO's latest development which is way out in front of any cleaning and disinfection technology for care utensils used to date. With impressive looks which hide the revolutionary technology nothing will ever be the same again.

Meiko is considered one of the worlds leading brands of Bedpan Washer Disinfectors.

They have been designed and manufactured in Germany since 1927; since then they have grown to employ more than 1,600 people from a manufacturing facility covering more than 160,000 square metres. The MEIKO range of bedpan washers and associated equipment for hospital sluice rooms have guaranteed for many decades unrivalled hygiene and cleaning standards. With MEIKO, both the patients and the nursing staff are assured to be hygienically secure.

MEIKO TopLine meets the most stringent quality, hygiene and safety requirements

MEIKO TopLine, the modern and innovative bed-pan washer. Supported by independent assessments by hygiene experts and type certification to DIN EN ISO 15883 Topline 30, is a cleaning and disinfection appliance, flush wall installation with installation frame ready for connection behind the tiled wall. The most complete technical and aesthetic solution for a functional and hygienic room design.