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Meiko Topic 40.2 Bedpan Washer

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Cleaning and disinfection appliance as a cabinet model to fit under a work surface.

The ideal addition to an existing range of cabinets. The appliance has a large, uninterrupted work and storage surface. The New Topic 40.2 Bedpan Washer is a cleaning and disinfection appliance that meets the real-life requirements of residential and care homes while offering the high standards of hygiene and quality for which MEIKO is renowned. It ensures the safe preparation of care utensils such as bed pans and urine bottles, even in the most demanding environments.

The all-in-one appliance Meiko Bedpan Washer is the simple, space-saving solution for sluice rooms in residential and care homes.

The perfect hygiene concept - now in a compact format.

Quick and easy installation plus a space-saving design. Simply install and hook up the appliance and it is ready to use!

Meiko is considered one of the worlds leading brands of Bedpan Washer Disinfectors.

They have been designed and manufactured in Germany since 1927; since then they have grown to employ more than 1,600 people from a manufacturing facility covering more than 160,000 square metres.
The MEIKO range of bedpan washers and associated equipment for hospital sluice rooms have guaranteed for many decades unrivalled flusher disinfection hygiene and cleaning standards. With MEIKO, both the patients and the nursing staff are assured to be hygienically secure.

Short cycle time & Lower water consumption

Features such as low water consumption, Ergonomic design & easy to use Versatile user interface. Also has three standard wash programs with hygienic design minimises user exposure & practical designs to fit smaller spaces through to large buildings.