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Meiko Topic 20.3 Bed Pan Washer

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The new Meiko Topic Bedpan Washer

The Meiko Topic provides cost-effective cleaning and disinfection of bedpans. Meeting hygiene requirements of patient utensils in care facilities, this modern method of cleaning is both uncomplicated and rapid. Meiko topic appliances can be wall mounted or installed directly on the floor. Regardless of the job, Gallay promises to deliver work with customers to design ergonomic sluice rooms that meet stringent demands, optimise work processes and ensure safety in the workplace.

For Floor Mounting wih Plinth

The Meiko Topic 20.3 - Cleaning and disinfection appliance for floor mounting with plinth. Just place in position and connect. The ideal way of utilizing existing connections.

Ease of Operation:

The Meiko Topic line features a high degree of ease of operation provided by automatic emptying, cleaning and disinfecting processes. Hygiene security from control of the Ao value to meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 15883.

Economic & Versatile

The Topic line is economic and eco-friendly as a result of even further reductions in the consumption of resources. It is versatile in use - multi functional utensil holders. Also Safety and security for users thanks to its simple "one touch" operating concept. The more that staff can rely on technology , the more time they have for people. Meiko cleaning and disinfection technology provides a high level of security and reliability.

Meiko is considered one of the worlds leading brands of Bedpan Washer Disinfectors.

They have been designed and manufactured in Germany since 1927; since then they have grown to employ more than 1,600 people from a manufacturing facility covering more than 160,000 square metres.  The Meiko range of bedpan washers and associated equipment for hospital sluice rooms have guaranteed for many decades unrivalled hygiene and cleaning standards. With Meiko ?, both the patients and the nursing staff are assured to be hygienically secure.