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Laboratory Washers

The Smeg® range of laboratory glassware washers are considered amongst Australian Lab Managers to be second to none. They are known to keep running for decades with next to no maintenance and a pristine finish after every wash. When you invest in a Smeg lab washer, you are creating a legacy of quality that will be appreciated for years to come.


Model External
(LxDxH mm)
(LxDxH mm)
Key Features Price
Smeg GW0160 600x605x850 520x515x545 Yes Cost effective for school laboratories Email Quote
Smeg GW1160 600x650x850 520x515x545 Yes Upgrade to AISI316L Stainless Steel washgrade material Email Quote
Smeg GW2045 450x620x850 380x480x590 Yes Slimline model when space is limited Email Quote
Smeg GW3060 600x605x850 520x515x545 Yes Most Popular Model, programmable & 4 microprocessors Email Quote
Smeg GW4060 600x650x850 520x515x545 Yes 3 in 1: Washing, Disinfecting and Drying Email Quote
Smeg GW4090 900x640x850 520x515x545 Yes Wide under bench with chemistry storage built in Email Quote
Smeg GW6090 902x801x2035 670x650x835 Yes For fast washing of large sized instruments Email Quote
Belimed WD290 1840x900x940 690x630x800 Yes 18 DIN tray washer-disinfector with automatic  doors Email Quote
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How to choose a Laboratory Washer Disinfector

Volume of glassware to be washed

Smaller labs with limited space may choose a GW2045 due to its small footprint. GW1060's through to the GW4090 are popular choices and for large labs the GW6090 may be a good choice.

Choice of racks & inserts

A laboratory glassware washer disinfector needs to be customised to your requirements. Our experienced staff will guide you through the range of options.

Need dry glassware?

A Washer with the option of Forced Fan Drying (GW4060, GW3060, GW4090, GW6090) will allow you to have completely dry glassware.

Considerations for under-bench washers

If the lab washer is going to be enclosed with cabinets either side, and a benchtop above, then we do recommend a steam condenser to avoid any potential for moisture damage to the cabinets and bench.

Help! We're on a limited budget...

If you are on a tight budget but still want the functionality and quality of a Laboratory Washer Disinfector, the new GW1060 could be the washer for you.

I don't need drying or steam condensers - what do you recommend?

The new GW1160 is a great machine if thermal drying is sufficient and you don't require a steam condenser.