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Laboratory Freezers

Gallay provides a wide range of Scientific Freezers to meet your needs and requirements.

Type of Laboratory Freezer Name of Freezer

Litre CapacityL

Temperature Range Price
Laboratory Freezer by Skope Skope VF-X Range 610 - 1500 L -18 to -21 degrees in 32 degrees Click Here
Deluxe High Energy Efficient Freezers Skope SK-F Range 520 - 1175 L -18 to -21 degrees in 40 degrees Click Here
Economic Laboratory Freezer Skope Serene Freezer SD55 67 L -14 to -23 degrees in 30 degrees Click Here


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Finding the right Laboratory Freezer for you

We supply a large range of laboratory freezers from a number of local and European manufacturers. Ranging from small under-bench standalone laboratory freezers to large explosion- safe ones with full connectivity to Building Management Systems, Gallay is sure to have a unit to fit your requirements.