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Instrument Tracking

Censitrac Surgical Instrument Tracking System, by GallayTrac offers the latest scanning technology and application software for complete SPD / CSSD management, allowing you full control of your surgical inventory.

Censis Technologies are leaders in surgical instrument tracking and asset management systems since 1999, with technological advanced web based software systems, exclusively through GallayTrac to our New Zealand and Australian customers.

“We have your Censitrac  system and I love it.  I would totally recommend this system.” – CSSD Manager, Victoria

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  • Easily streamline SPD/CSSD workflow
  • Full visibility available to theatre of assets stage in decontamination
  • Prioritise reprocessing of surgical instruments in-line with theatre priority
  • Quickly identify unreturned surgical trays or missing instruments
  • Direct access to instrument cleaning instructions (IFU’s) – OneSource  sold separately
  • Easily check in a loaner instrument container with pictures to verify contents
  • Link loaner sets to required surgical cases


Tray Assembly

  • Access instrument images and identify acceptable substitutes
  • Receive alerts for missing instruments in trays or trays not containing the correct items
  • Integrate IFU’s database to assist CSSD technicians on how to reprocess an asset (OneSource  sold separately)
  • Receive alerts when assets require maintenance [GB3] based on usage



  • A competency verification system to allow specific qualified staff to process/sterilize certain instruments
  • Protect department from possible workflow errors
  • Set up alerts, add specific instructions or training advice for trays
  • Provide technicians with visual and audible messages when processing instruments


Cart Assembly

  • Create cases via specific picklists
  • Prioritise cases in-line with theatre schedules, streamlining the workflow
  • Reduce time required to manage case assembly and build
  • Keep department staff and theatre informed throughout the reprocessing loop
  • Ensure only properly decontaminated, assemble and sterilized assets enter theatre
  • Safety alerts notify CSSD/SPD technicians of any missed or recalled items
  • Manage assets in storage and how long they have been there
  • Easily track where all your surgical instruments are located


Operating Theatre

  • Completely track and trace the whole loop from CSSD to theatre and back again
  • Real-time visibility to help CSSD avoid delays in theatre start times
  • Colour coded system to assist with prioritising upcoming case/assets
  • Electronically track and allocate already reprocessed assets to earlier cases
  • Link, track and trace instruments to trays, all the way through to patient
  • Electronically facilitate open communication between theatre and CSSD/SPD