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HPLC Accessories originating from customized production 

Gallay's range of S.C.A.T HPLC safety cap accessories have been manufactured based on user problems. Extract your solvents in a safe manner by using safety caps suitable for your application. Experience no more harmful vapours with an integrated air valve and no accidental intake of air into the HPLC system. Due to a freely-rotatable cap, users will be able to easily change containers without twisting tubes.

Control your Waste Disposal

Our range of safety funnels are made of high quality PE-HD, and are built for all types of chemicals. Models are supplied with a sieve for trapping larger contaminant particles that will not corrode the PE-HD material. The safety lance ensures clean outflow without contaminating the container opening.

Pass all Safety Inspections with HPLC accessories

With S.C.A.T HPLC accessories, your company will confidently pass quality and safety inspections.