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Gonotec Chloride Meter

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Gonotec CM20 - The leader in Chloridmeters:

The Gonotec Chloride Meter is an easy to use chloridometer designed to measure the specific chloride content of fluids. Traditionally Volhard chloride titration has been used for this application but the new Gonotec Chloride Meter has many advantages that make it superior for a range of applications. Advantages include minimum sample volumes, it is perfect for determination of sweat samples, simple operation and handling, automatic measuring, fast operational readiness and IVD-control standard in OPC-ampoules.

Automated Measurement Process:

The measurement principle is based on coulometric impulse titration as an absolute measurement method. Through automated sample recognition, the measurement proceeds fully automatically after the sample is inserted without the need for manual confirmation by the user. The end of the titration is determined by the measurement electrodes, which permanently determine the conductivity of the solution. This allows the CM20 chloride meter to be operated quickly and easily without the need for many years of experience in the classic chloride determination method. If the chloride ion concentration is very low, it is possible to raise the concentration using the standard solution.

Fast Measurement Times

These include faster measurement time (as little as 20 seconds) and more accurate results under many conditions where interference (E.g.; Iodine in salt water) would usually cause inaccuracies. Chloridmeters are commonly used by pathologists for the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis via sweat sampling.

Simple Handling & Documentation

The CM20 chloride meter can be controlled easily and comfortably via the touch scree display. The results are sent to the optional built in printer in document-ready format. A PC for data transfer can be connected via USB or RS232. The last results remain available for reading even after automatic switching to stand-by mode. The robust design of the measurement equipment makes the CM20 chloride meter easy to handle and maintain. Through the ise of microprocessor controls, the user does not need to correct the factory-side calibration.