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Captair Fume Hood Filters

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We have the Filter for the right application

How long has it been since your laboratory had its fume cabinets tested and serviced? Gallay specializes in fume cabinet maintenance including service, supply and installation of replacement fume cupboard filters.
Our Filters absorb your chemical vapours and odours, as they are efficiently retained. Erlab has developed Super Activated Carbon designed specifically for chemical handlings in laboratories and industrial use.

Choose Gallay for your fume cupboard testing

Through our relationship with Erlab (the manufacturer of Captair Ductless Fume Cabinets), Gallay is the exclusive Australian supplier of the Valiquest fume cabinet filtration testing service. This service ensures Gallay's customers are 100% confident they have chosen the correct cabinet and filtration type for the exact application.

Valiquest fume cupboard filtration - free of charge

Erlab employs an experienced team of chemists to assess your specific requirements and recommend a filtration system certified to work with your exact application. Gallay is the only supplier in Australia able to offer this service to both current and prospective customers.
Laboratory Managers who invest in a Captair Fume Cabinet can rest assured knowing their staff are being kept safe by a fume management system which has been guaranteed by the manufacturer for their exact application. The Valiquest service is included in the purchase of your Captair Fume Cabinet and can be used whenever your application or handled materials change over the lifetime of your Captair Fume Cabinet.

Need a Filter Change? Consider Gallay's Safety Check Service

Also need a servicing for your Captair? Our dedicated service team will come out to your workplace at a time convenient to you and your staff. Click HERE for more information.