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FlexClean Dental DIN Trays

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Specialised Dental Handpiece Cleaning

Special washing tubes have been tailor made for the dental market. These tubes have been engineered so that the openings face upwards, allowing safe and secure positioning of dental handpieces and suction tubes. Stainless steel DIN trays protect dental instruments by holding them in place with special filters that are hooked up to water filtration systems. Unlike plastic tray systems, stainless steel perforated dental trays are suitable for washing machines, thus minimising cleaning procedure time for the user.

Disinfection Tray Features

  • stainless steel composition
  • bottom and lid made of wire 6x6 mm
  • lid is provided with a spring-fixation-system
  • sidewalls are made of perforated plate material
  • Tray provided with a stainless steel support for dental instruments
  • fixation pins are available to put some other instruments underneath the support with the dental instruments


  • Time efficiency – the instruments stay in the tray during all cleaning and sterilisation processes. 
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection capacity – the trays are stackable 
  • Rounded edges – the tray with instruments can be packed in a bag, container or sterilisation wrapping 
  • No damage to the handpieces – the instruments are fixed with the spring-system in the lid less risk of needlestick injuries – and possible contamination – because the instruments remain in the tray
  • No need for customised washing machines 
  • No need for special mobile washing racks to clean hollow instruments or handpieces
  • No need for manual cleaning 
  • No loss of instruments because all instruments belonging to the same set, hollow or not, stay together and are cleaned in the same load 
  • Strong reduction in ultrasonic cleaning and therefore less time dedicated to cleaning process