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Ductless Fume Cabinets

Since inventing the first ductless fume cabinet back in 1968, Erlab has built a global reputation for excellence in laboratory air filtration. Today there are over 700 Captair ductless fume hoods in operation around Australia protecting thousands of laboratory staff daily. Trust your safety to the best, choose Erlab for your lab!

Model Applications External
Working Area
Air Volume Noise Price
Captair Smart 321 S Powders, Liquids & Combinations 800x556x981-1150 764x524 230m³/h 52 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 321 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 800x620x1110-1285 764x583 230m³/h 52 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 391 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 1005x620x1110-1285 897x522 230m³/h 52 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 481 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 1260x620x1110-1285 1244x583 230m³/h 52 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 632 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 1600x620x1110-1285 1565x583 460m³/h 55 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 392 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 1005x749x1340-1515 897x692 460m³/h 55 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 483 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 295x749x1340-1515 1242x708 690m³/h 58 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 633 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 1620x749x1340-1515 1567x708 690m³/h 58 dbA Click Here
Captair Smart 714 Powders, Liquids & Combinations 1820x749x1340-1515 1767x708 920m³/h 61 dbA Click Here
Captair Bio PCR Workstation (RNA/DNA) 653x610x785 601x585 175m³/h - Click Here
Captair Flow Laminar Flow Cabinet 645x600x803 608x565 175m³/h 52- 58 dbA Click Here
Green Fume Hood High Volume Powders, Liquids ranging from 800 - 2300 - 460-1150m³/h - Click Here

 *Variety of external height available

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An interview with Erlab's president

Why use an Erlab Ductless Fume Hood?

Complete Protection

The Ductless Fume Hood by Erlab can be installed anywhere in the laboratory as it is an autonomous machine. As no outside air is exhausted, there is no limit to the number of Fume Hoods installed without having to increase fresh air supply to lab.

No air-conditioned air consumption

When installed in an air-conditioned room, the Captair Ductless Fume Hood will save large quantities of energy, as yearly costs of filters are lower than air-conditioned air exhausted outside by conventional fume hoods.

Environmentally Friendly

Captair Ductless Fume Hoods are eco-friendly.as handled chemicals are efficiently retained in the filter/s. The user can reduce evaporation of chemicals, and perform a large number of handlings in their Ductless Fume Hood.

Easy and Economical set- up

The Ductless Fume Hoods are delivered disassembled, with easy installation (as quick as 30 minutes). Plug into a standard electrical socket, and the fume hood is ready to go!



Unique flex filtration to manage a variety of lab applictions

New smart technology

Sensors to detect filter saturation 
Face velocity automatically monitored

6° slanted sash to offer optimal visibility and ergonomic work space

Large openings for convenient access

How to choose a Ductless Fume Cabinet?

Frequency of handlings

A carbon filter will become saturated at a faster rate if the enclosure is used more frequently. We validate all our cabinets based on end user applications and may suggest a dual layer filter setup for frequent handlings.

Type of Handlings

“Thin” solvents such as xylene will saturate a carbon filter faster than many organic compounds. To ensure complete safety, all customers receive a carbon filter exactly specified for their application by our team.

Ease of Construction & Service

Did you know all Captair fume cabinets are designed for a tool free construction? This means anyone can put a cabinet together or replace a filter in a very short time using a series of thumb-screws.

Meets Standards for Fume Cabinets

The relevant standard regulating ductless fume cabinets is AS/NZS 2243.9. Gallay customers can rest assured that all fume cabinets we supply meet or exceed all safety standards including AFNOR NFX 15-211 & SEFA 9.

Stationary Vs. Mobile Fume Cabinets

Do you need to move the cabinet between buildings and labs? If so, make sure the model you choose has a portable base. We call this rolling cart a Mobicap and it is available with most Captair cabinets.

Reputation of Brand & Supplier

Fume cabinets (both ducted and ductless) require ongoing relationships with suppliers for service & maintenance. Choose a brand & supplier with a strong history & reputation. Gallay was established in 1965!