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CSSD Sterilisation Process Monitoring

CSSD Sterilisation Process Monitoring

Monitoring the Sterilisation process in hospitals and other medical settings is important. Gallay's range of CSSD monitoring provides effective and versatile means of testing. Products are easy to use and interpret throughout the monitoring process.

Product name Class Brand Price
Indicator tape Class 1 Terragene Click Here
H202 indicator Class 1 Terragene Click Here
Self-contained biological indicators (SCBIs)   Terragene Click Here
Multi-variable chemical indicator

Class 4

Terragene Click Here
Integron integrators Class 5 Terragene Click Here
Integron emulators Class 6 Terragene Click Here
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CSSD Sterilisation Process Monitoring range by Terragene

Gallay is proud to partner up with Terragene to provide high quality, Sterilisation Process Monitoring devices. With all products manufactured in Argentina, Terragene distributes its products across 60+ countries. Gallay has included in their portfolio a range of indicator tapes, SCBIs, integrators and emulators, in order to provide a solution each customer application.