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Bandelin Sonorex Super

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For Cleaning, Disinfecting & Degassing

From the cleaning of technical glassware to disinfecting and cleaning at the same time, to the degassing of beer samples, the degassing of food samples. Also to be used in application of extraction of herb samples, extraction of quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) and extraction of soil samples plus much more!

Compact ultrasonic baths with keypad and LED-display

The Digitec model has 15 different capacities from 0.9 Litres to 90.0 Litres (with LED display) to make sure there is a ultrasonic cleaner that is suitable for your workplace and application needs

Infrared interface for Process documentation

The unit comes with software that records process information to attach to a PC, also it includes a WINSONIC remote control that works on infrared for the most hassle free recording of data

Intensive Disinfection & Cleaning within 5 Minutes

Bandelin Ultrasonics provide fast instrument circulation and gentle intensive cleaning through simultaneous disinfection and cleaning in 5 minutes. No damage of the instruments by brushing.
Selection of the suitable SONOREX DIGITEC depends on the sizes and numbers of objects to be cleaned and of the sample vessels to be sonicated. Different sizes of ultrasonic baths starting from 0.9 to 90 litres are available for various applications.

Bandelin - A leader in Ultrasonic Products

Bandelin have over 55 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high quality Ultrasonic products. Gallay is proud to stock a wide range of Bandelin Ultrasonics for use in a variety of fields including the treatment of medical, dental and scientific equipment.