Class 1 Indicator Tape

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Class 1 Indicator Tapes

The Class 1 Indicator tape is designed to distinguish materials that have been exposed to thesterilisation process from those which haven't. The indicator is made from high quality materials, with good adhesivity and high resistance to physical and chemical aggression. With easy removal and no residue, the indicator tape can be written on to further enhance traceability of the load.


Why is it important to use Class 1 Indicator Tapes?

Class 1 Chemical Indicator tapes provide a distinct pass or fail result for sterilisation processes, ensuring low risk for contamination.

How to use Class 1 Indicator Tapes?

Class 1 indicator tapes are capable of adhering to wrap cloth, paper and plastic. The ink on the tape will change colours depending on which process is being tested, identifying whether proper sterilisation has occurred.