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CensiTrac Surgical Instrument Tracking

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CensiTrac, introduced to the market in 2002, was the first surgical instrument tracking system to trace all the way through to instrument level.

Today, the cloud based software, integrates seamlessly with existing hospital or site processes, allowing facilities to easily keep up to date with new software versions.



The seamless theatre scheduler interface allows you to prioritise instrument set reprocessing in-line with theatre schedules.


Tray Assembly

An immediate on-screen access of key detail, improves efficiency and accuracy to CSSD technicians.



Continuous electronic data recording during sterilization process, encourages a paperless department, whilst supporting compliance with AS/NZS 4187:2004 standards.


Case Cart Assembly

The unique inventory management system prevents time wasted on searching for assets.


Operating Room

Enhances theatre efficiency by avoiding delayed start times due to inventory issues.