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Captair® Shelf 812 Filtered Chemical Cabinet

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Store noxious and odorous chemicals and prevent nausea

Captair® provide a wide range of chemical storage cabinets including floor standing, small-size and ducted cabinets. These units help with the storage of noxious and odorous chemicals and can help to prevent nausea, headaches and tiredness over long-term exposure. The Shelf 812 storage enclosure is equipped with a blower and a molecular filter capable to retain the vapours escaping from chemical bottles in use. It offers a large open front allowing the user to place inside easily the bottles during the day. Every possible emission of chemicals in the lab should be eliminated right at the source. Small quantities of chemicals emitted right at the source. Small quantities of chemicals emoted may look harmless at first sight, but inhaled every day can over time provoke severe illnesses.

Inexpensive and easy to accommodate

The Shelf 812 fully protects the user right at his workstation from the chemical containers used during the day. The blower, extremely silent, takes the air of the room to the storage enclosure. The induce air flow carries along the chemical vapours to the molecular filter where they are safely eliminated. After filtration the purified air returns into the room.

Record your filter change

Standard equipment features handles to easily remove the filter cover and change the molecular filter. A rewritable sticker for reminding when the filters need changing. Also the air foil used for better intake of air flow and spill trays: 1 x 2 litres with absorption mat to collect spillages.  Available filters for both Organic vapours and Acid vapours.

Can be installed at any workstation

A Shelf 812 can be installed immediately at any workstation and just needs to be connected to a standard electrical socket to be in service. It can be either installed directly on the bench top, or on leg supports or fixed to the wall.