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Captair Smart 834 Filtered Chemical Storage Cabinet

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Simpler to Use

Smart Technology allows for indicative light communication to show the status of the hood. When the light is still this indicates the hood is operating safely. The light will pulse in a simple pattern to alert you to fan failure
filter breakthrough & the doors left open.
The eGuard App enables remote control access for monitoring chemical storage cabinets, changing settings and delivering safety alerts directly to your mobile, tablet or PC device.


Safer to operate

The ability of the configurable filtering system placed above the enclosure is adaptable to filter gases, solvents, powders and particulates keeping the user and the lab protected by safely and efficiently recirculating air within the room and releasing purified air back into the room free of any toxic hazardous vapors or ordors.

Key features include:

  • Meeting the AFNOR NFX 15 211/SEFA 9 filtration efficiency standard (classes 1 and 2)
  • New sensors are added for the detecting of solvents, acids or formaldehyde.
  • New sensors are added to alert the user if the doors are left open
  • ESP Program: Usage certification given with each unit after approval of your storages by in-house lab.

Organize your chemical storage

Floor standing models are able to be configured with adjustable spill proof shelving, pull out vertical shelving and large volume drawers.
Smaller options for use on or under counters or equipment also available.