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Biowaste Decontamination Systems


ACTINI has over 60 years experience in designing & manufacturing sterilization equipment to treat liquid biowaste products. Today ACTINI focuses on two specialized markets: 

  • Decontamination of effluents for laboratories and bioindustries (waste sterilisation for PC3 & PC4 labs)
  • Liquid and dried egg processing

Over the years ACTINI has grown to be able to offer increasingly innovative solutions to pasturize, sterilize & decontaminate which comply with PC (Physical Containment) levels 1, 2, 3 & 4. 

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Flexibility, Safety & Cost Effectiveness

Actini has years of experience in designing and manufacturing decontamination systems for hazardous, infectious waste. Their machinery is flexible in terms of processing large volumes in a very short time, which proves cost effective for the user. The low water and reduced energy consumption required further benefits cost. The biowaste decontamination systems can be placed in tight spaces or possible remote locations of the collecting tank. 

Designed for PC3 & PC4 Labs

With its compact design and environmentally-friendly system, Actini Biowaste Decontamination Systems are designed to comply with the highest biological waste decontamination standards globally. The centralized collection and treatment of liquid can come from a range of different sources (shower-in, shower-out, washers etc) within a single lab room to a larger facility.

Quality Biowaste Decontamination System Guaranteed

Main Features 

  • Continuous Technology
  • Pre-engineered solutions
  • Fast Track construction
  • Designing - Manufacturing & Documentation Standards
  • Reduced commissioning time
  • Short validation time for a reduced time-to-market
  • cGMP guidelines

Design Features

  • Compliant with European & American Standards
  • Modular Concept assembled & tested at our facilities
  • Compliant with the highest containment requirements
  • Electrical or steam operated units
  • High quality components
  • ACTINI Biological Waste Decontamination Systems are validated by major vaccines manufacturers & engineering companies