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Biowaste Decontamination Systems


Liquid Biowaste Decontamination Systems

ACTINI has over 60 years experience in designing, engineering & manufacturing sterilization equipment to treat effluent. Today ACTINI focuses on the decontamination of infectious & biohazardous liquid waste for bio-industries and laboratories of various sizes. 

ACTINI offer a complete solutionwith a range of innovative products to sterilize and decontaminate biowaste effluent generated by labs & plants, while also complying with all Physical Containment levels - PC levels 1, 2, 3 & 4. 

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Flexibility, Safety & Cost Effectiveness

ACTINI fully-automated decontamination systems are aimed to process a range of hazardous & infectious liquid waste volumes in a safe & timely manner at a low cost. All batch & continuous units are fitted with innovative technologies to reduce utilities consumption & operator's work, which proves cost effective for users

Designed for PC3 & PC4 Labs

With their compact & environmentally-friendly designs, Actini Biowaste Decontamination Systems are compliant with the highest biological waste decontamination standards globally. ACTINI systems can thermally treat liquids coming from a range of different sources (collection & storage tanks, sinks, showers, process vessels, ect.) within a single lab room to a larger facility (e.g, plants' process areas & utility rooms)

Main Features

  • Fully-automated operation
  • Pre-engineered, standardized & validated solutions
  • Safety oriented systems
  • Low maintenance
  • Continuous or batch technologies
  • Electrical or steam operated units
  • High quality components
  • Compact & modular footprints
  • Monitored & recorded decontamination cycles
  • Short commissioning & validation times
  • Compliant with European & American standards
  • Validated by major vaccine manufacturers & engineering companies