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Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinet Types


External (LxDxHmm)

Work Surface Size (LxDmm)

Exhaust Flow Rate

VBH 36 C2

Biohazard Handling 1050x760x1590 890x500x685 270 m3/h

VBH 48 C2

Biohazard Handling 1356x760x1590 1190x500x685 360 m3/h

VBH 72 C2

Biohazard Handling 1966x760x1687 1800x500x685 550 m3/h
CTH 36 C2 Cytotoxic, Oncogenic & Cytologic Handling 1050x760x2402 890x602x685 -
CTH 48 C2 Cytotoxic, Oncogenic & Cytologic Handling 1356x760x2402 1188x602x685 -
Top Flow 2 Animal & Cage Handling Cabinet 1100x840x1980 1000x620x660 870 m3/h
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The Global Leader of Biological Safety Cabinets

Established in 1932, Angelantoni has become a global leader in the design and manufacture of high quality Biological Safety Cabinets that meet or exceed many standards.

What to look for in a Biological Safety Cabinet?

All class II & class III cabinets are supplied with double blowers (two fan motors) ensuring superior performance compared to other manufacturers. In addition, Angelantoni Biosafety Cabinets have a very strong air barrier protecting the user and the product as well as high-accuracy air flow sensors throughout the HEPA filters ensuring the ultimate in safety and performance.

Gallay is also able to provide a range of biosafety cabinet annual service agreements which can be customised depending on your requirements and relevant standards.