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Belimed MST-V Steam Steriliser

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The most compact sterilizer in its class

The MST-V is ideal for ensuring reliable and qualified sterilization of medical devices in the CSSD. The sterilizer is efficient, compact, economical and reliable, setting standards in terms of innovation, versatility and minimal space requirements. With over 2000 sterilisers installed worldwide in leading hospitals, laboratories and the pharmaceutical/ biotechnology sectors, Belimed possesses the experience and knowledge to efficiently solve problems in both the Central Sterile Supply Department and the sub-sterile areas.

Attractive Design & Easy Operation

The MST-V Sterilizer combines excellent ergonomics with attractive design and easy operation. The loading height of 78cm is the lowest in this class. Additionally the touch sensitive control panel is located at an ideal height. The new MST-V Hospital steriliser with vertical sliding doors provides the best prerequisites for professional sterilisation of medical devices in the Sterile Supply Department (CSSD). Due to the utilisation volume of between 4 and 12 sterile units (StU) and a width of only 99 cm, the MST-V is the most efficient and most compact steriliser in its class. It complies with all relevant guidelines and standards.

Save Water, Save Money

The new MST-V sterilizer achieves maximum resource use economy through inventive engineering design. The innovative technology reduces water consumption and allows a higher inlet temperature for the cooling water resulting in energy savings.

Even more benefits of the Belimed MST- V

It is Long-life, ergonomical, safe to operate, system-oriented, user-friendly and suitable for networking.