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Bandelin High Powered Ultrasonic Tanks

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Programmable High Power Ultrasonic Bath

Programmable high power ultrasonic baths with power setting, fast degassing and 10 program data memory.

Used across many applications:

Degassing of solvents for HPLC, accelerating of chemical reactions. The mixing of  plasma and sera, emulsifying, homogenizing of samples for residue analysis in vegetarian food. Preparation for pollutant analysis of drinking or drain water. Preparation of liposomes in cosmetics & pharmacy and more.

Even more features:

Exact settings of all parameters guarantees reproducible results. Automatic storage of time, temperature and power when switching off. Available in a range of capacities from 3.0 to 28.0 litres.
The only ultrasonic baths with 10-programme data memory - for precise and reproducible work.

Bandelin: Over 55 years of experience

Bandelin have over 55 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high quality Ultrasonic products. Gallay is proud to stock a wide range of Bandelin Ultrasonics for use in a variety of fields including the treatment of medical, dental and scientific equipment.

Range of Volumes from 3 to 28 Litres

Bandelin Ultrasonic Tanks provide fast instrument circulation and gentle intensive cleaning through simultaneous disinfection and cleaning in 5 minutes. The new SONOREX DIGITAL range with volumes from 3 to 28 litres.  No damage of the instruments by brushing. SONOREX DIGITAL 10 P is more comfortable and precise through user-friendly high-power ultrasound, integrated in digital ultrasound baths. You select: time, temperature, power and DEGAS and store up to 10 variations. Exact setting of all parameters guarantees reproducible results. When switching off the unit, the data is stored automatically.