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About Us

Gallay is a leading supplier of both laboratory equipment & medical equipment with over 2,000 customers throughout Australia & New Zealand.  Our quality management systems have been certified to ISO 9001:2015, providing our customers with peace of mind their equipment is supplied from a well established company.

Our History

Gallay’s origin stems from the family owned company established in 1965 by Mr Jan Vat Initially based in North Melbourne when he imported the first Fully Automatic Laboratory Glassware Washing Machine from Switzerland. These laboratory glassware washers formed the early basis of the cleaning efficacy of instrumentation and glassware in wide ranging fields of application from hospitals, universities and other diverse industries.

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s Gallay expanded into importing other scientific instrumentation and also became a supplier of water treatment products & ductless fume cabinets in Australia. One type of air filtration systems was the Endo Workstation, this system provided nurses with protection from the disinfectants used to manually clean the endoscopes.

In 1989 Peter Vat became Managing Director and further innovative products were introduced which also meant that the servicing arm of Gallay was growing to support the Gallay products that were operational throughout Australia quality assured company

In 1995 was the introduction of the Soluscope, an Endoscope reprocessor, this product changed the manner of disinfecting Endoscopes from a manual process to a fully automatic process of cleaning and high level disinfection.

Gallay’s products are far reaching and in operation throughout Australia and New Zealand this expansion has necessitated establishment of offices and service personnel in major states as well as in New Zealand. Gallay’s Head office in Australia is located very centrally in one of Melbourne Business districts with easy access to freeways enabling fast service and distribution of goods.

Nowadays many Nursing Unit Managers in Endoscopy suites rely on the Gallay supplied Soluscope Reprocessors to sterilize their Endoscopes. CSSD Managers rely on the Gallay supplied Belimed Washers and Sterilizers giving them assurance that all the instrumentation is ready for use for the next operation. Many Laboratory managers will be reliant on Gallay supplied equipment such as OsmometersLaboratory Autoclaves & Biological Safety Cabinets.

Gallay’s focus is to continue to introduce to our Australian & New Zealand customers’ new high quality technological products that are designed to make any process easier. We want to continue and build on our reputation for quality equipment and a ‘customer first’ focus.