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Laboratory Refrigerators


Type of Laboratory Refrigerators Name of Refrigerator

Litre CapacityL

Temperature Range


Skope TME Range Skope TME Range 610L -1536L +1°C to 4°C in 32°C Click Here
Skope B Series Range Skope B Series Range 280L - 1350L +1°C to 4°C in 43°C Click Here
Skope Serene Range Skope Serene Range 50L - 350L +1°C to 4°C in 32°C Click Here
Skope SK/SK-3 Range Skope SK/SK-3 Range 445L - 980L +1°C to 4°C in 43°C Click Here
Laboratory (standard) Fiocchetti Labor 140 - 500 140L - 500L 0°+15° Click Here
Laboratory (large capacity) Fiocchetti Labor 700 - 1500 700L - 1500L 0°+15° Click Here
Laboratory Dual Zone (standard) Fiocchetti Labor 280-500 2T 280-500L 0°+15°/-10°-20°/24° Click Here
Laboratory Dual Zone (large capacity) Fiocchetti Labor 700 2T 800-1500L 0°+15°/-10°-24° Click Here
Medika (standard) Fiocchetti Medika 100-500 140-600L +2°+15° Click Here
Medika (large capacity) Fiocchetti Medika 700-1500 700-1500L +2°+15° Click Here
Medika (pass through) Fiocchetti Medika 700 PASS-THROUGH 700L +2°+15° Click Here
Medika - Dual Zone (standard) Fiocchetti Medika 280-600 2T 280-600L +2°+15°/+2°+15° Click Here
Medika - Dual Zone (large capacity) Fiocchetti Medika 800 - 1500L 2T 800-1500L +2°+15°/+2°+15° Click Here
Spark Proof (standard) Fiocchetti Anti-Scintille 400 400L +2°+15° Click Here
Spark Proof (large capacity) Fiocchetti Anti-Scintille 700 700L +2°+15° Click Here
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Why buy a Fiochetti Laboratory Refrigerator?

The range of Fiocchetti scientific and laboratory refrigerators are high quality and are built for storing general and temperature critical lab products. Models include under bench fridges, spark proof fridges, combined fridge freezers to large capacity fridges, glass and clear door versions, full stainless steel. The Laboratory Refrigerators are perfect for storing temperature critical lab products and samples.

Additional options for Scientific Refrigerator

Options for the Laboratory Refrigerator include validation ports, glass doors, data recording and tracking, SMS alarms and full Building Management (BMS) systems integration.