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Laboratory Freezers

Gallay provides a wide range of Scientific Freezers to meet your needs and requirements.

Type of Laboratory Freezer Name of Freezer

Litre CapacityL

Temperature Range Price
Laboratory Freezers (standard) Fiocchetti Freezer 140-400 140L - 400L -10°-20°/-25° Click Here
Laboratory Freezers (large capacity) Fiocchetti 700-1500 700 - 1500 L -10°-25° Click Here
Laboratory Freezers with Manual Defrost Fiocchetti Superfreezer ECO 70-130 70 - 130 L -16°-28° Click Here
Laboratory Freezer by Skope Skope TMEF Range 610 - 1526 L -18 to -21 degrees in 32 degrees Click Here
Deluxe High Energy Efficient Freezers Skope SK-F Range 520 - 1175 L -18 to -21 degrees in 40 degrees Click Here
Economic Laboratory Freezer Skope Serene Freezer SD55 67 L -14 to -23 degrees in 30 degrees Click Here
Super Artic Fiocchetti Super Artic 250-700 250 - 700 L -30°-40° Click Here
Super Artic Dual Zone Fiocchetti 2T 700 700 L +2°+10°/-20°-35° Click Here
Super Polo Fiocchetti Super Polo 130-480 130 - 480 L -10°-45° Click Here
Vision (standard) Fiocchetti Vision 400-700 400 - 700 L -15°-20° Click Here
Vision Dual Zone Fiocchetti Vision 2T 400 - 700 400 - 700 L +2°+15°/-15°-20° Click Here


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Finding the right Laboratory Freezer for you

We supply a large range of laboratory freezers from a number of local and European manufacturers. Ranging from small under-bench standalone laboratory freezers to large explosion- safe ones with full connectivity to Building Management Systems, Gallay is sure to have a unit to fit your requirements.

Fiochetti- Excellence in Laboratory Freezer Manufacturing

Fiocchetti’s ECT-F touch is an example of the cutting edge technology applied to these laboratory freezers, allowing users to interact with the unit and view all vital statistics through a large colour touch panel. These vital statistics include:

  • Double feeding, double compressor relays and double defrost
  • Alarms for temperature deviations, open door, power failure and faulty conditions
  • Product protection against thermoregulation probe failure
  • Low mains tension warning
  • Unbalanced temperature probes warning

Popular models include spark-proof designs, chest freezers, ULT (ultra low temperature) and blast chillers.

Customise your Scientific Freezer

Fiochetti scientific freezers offer users the ability to customise their freezer based on their own unique needs. Any model can be altered with the following features:

  • Stainless steel racks placed on shelves for improvement in storage capacity
  • Extractible drawers made od aluminium, supplied with partitions for blood bag storage
  • Stainless steel wire baskets
  • ECT-F and ECT-F range
  • White wire sheet steel shelves, mounted on anti-tilt clips

Scientific freezers with a flawless design

Fiochetti scientific freezers consist of a white pre-coated antibacterial steel sheet. The scientific freezer can be supplied with either a triple layer tempered glass door, or with a solid door. The cleaning of the condenser in models with a bottom compressor is made easier due to an easily releasable front panel.