Halo Air Purifier

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High Efficiency Laboratory Air Purifier

The Erlab Halo is a filter unit installed in the ceiling of a laboratory to purify the air that circulates within the space. The Laboratory Air Purifier works via a built-in fan that pulls air through a filter to remove contaminants. A soft LED light notifies staff that the air is clean, whilst a pulsating LED light signifies that Halo is capturing the fugitive chemicals. The usage and monitoring of the product is accessible via smartphone, tablet or computer, via an embedded webportal.

Different Air Purifying Operating Modes for your Laboratory


The Erlab Halo can be set under the 24/7 mode, whereby the device operates 24 hours/ 7 days a week. The Min/ Max detection mode activates the ventilation at low speed, progressing toward maximum speed when a pollution threshold is reached. Halo will begin ventilation at a defined pollution threshold under the Unique detection mode, or its ventilation values can be defined under the Day/ Night mode.

How many Halo units required in your laboratory?


Halo Laboratory Air Purifiers are designed to treat a volume of up to 60mor approx. 20m2 of lab room. For example, a room with a size of 80m2, 3m height, will need 4 Halo units, placed at the ceiling as close to centre of each area of 20m2.